EGAN Healthcare Website Now Available in 50+ Languages

EGAN Home Health and Hospice site now available in 50+ Languages

EGAN Home Health and Hospice has upgraded its website such that the website is available in Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese and more than 50 other languages. Chances are, no matter a website visitor’s native language, they’ll be able to view in their native language.

EGAN Website Tramslator

With New Orleans demographically being a melting pot in the truest sense, it made sense that EGAN make sure that all of their potential patients, customers and their respective families be able to access the company’s site and have no doubt about the meaning of any of the contents of the website.

The translator automatically detects the native language of the user using the browser accessing the site, then automatically translates the language content of the site to language of the user, requiring no action of behalf of the user to view the site in their native language. If the user wishes to switch languages for whatever reason, they can do so using the easy-to-use widget located at the top of the right navigation bar.


EGAN Healthcare Website

The technology used to create the translator is owned by Microsoft and provided by Bing.

EGAN has a myriad of patients of Hispanic and Asian decent (particularly Vietnamese). The translator widget was designed to make the website easy to use for all its visitors regardless of what language they speak.

EGAN is currently working on getting Spanish, Vietnamese and possibly other languages available for closed captioning for the company’s YouTube videos.


EGAN Website Translator